Hi all! Just before Ramadhan 2017, the Yahya Foundation team got together to brainstorm how we could distribute food in Yemen everyday for Iftar. We decided on providing the food for an Iftar dinner in different mosques for the whole month.

So we all got in touch with our contacts and community and let people know about our idea. We managed to raise $1,805, which allowed us to provide dates, water, rice, a curry, bread, a chutney and yogurt for 80 people a day across 4 mosques.  Hani arranged the food and donated it to the following mosques: Masjid Okhah in the Al Saadi area, Masjid Ashoor in the Madbuba area, Masjid Alihsan in the Bainoon area & Masjid Aishah in the Bait Boss area.

At the beginning of the month only a couple people turned up, because not everyone knew that the food  would be available. But as the nights progressed, not only did the amount of people in attendance increase, but also the amount of food on offer. This is because, as more people became aware of our Iftar Dinner, more people began bringing their own food contributions from home to share with the rest of the community- It was amazing! Our young volunteers felt a sense of pride & excitement to be involved in a project where they could see the direct impact that their actions were having on their communities.

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