As-Salaam-Alaikum- It’s Hani here-  and I just wanted to recount my experience of providing 1 months’ supply of food rations to two orphanages (Safe Childhood Centre and Orphanage Home) at the beginning of this month. I took my kids with me to play with the other children and it was a great experience. We also took 2 boxes of chocolates with us, and my young sons distributed them to the other children, which the kids really appreciated.

The ladies who run the Safe Childhood Centre were so happily surprised with the follow through and consistency of our support – as they have been let down in the past – that they  invited my family, my friend Hicham ( who is also a volunteer), and his wife, for lunch on site on Friday. We are all very grateful for this and have accepted the invitation. We will be  making a variety of desserts to take with us and we will also be taking  some nutritious fruits apples, bananas and oranges for the children.

It has been a great month, and by the grace of Allah, inshallah, we will continue to provide consistent support to these wonderful people.

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