Bottle for You, Water for Yemen

Donate via a one-off or recurring contribution to our water project and as a thank you, you will receive a YF water bottle.
  • Help us reach our target of £9,600 to fund this project for 1 year.
  • As little as £15 is enough to supply 60 families with water for consumption and basic sanitation.

About  the Yahya Foundation Water Project:

Water is scarce in Yemen, many do not have enough water to drink or wash with. For this reason, the Yahya Foundation Water Project is a year round campaign aimed at supplying  clean, drinking water to Yemen. Currently, the project runs across 9 areas in Sanaa. Twice a week, 13 tanks that hold between 5-8,000 litres of water are distributed to the districts. 

bottle for you, water for yemen

100% of your donation will go towards the facilitation of water as our kind supporters have already sponsored the first 100 bottles*

*Assuming you have chosen to collect your bottle.

Photo’s From Project:

A Special Thank You to Aziz Al- Harazi; Farah Kayani; Maleka Mouhtajy; Jihane Tayabali; Jinna Dossji; Salma Dossji & Buggy Pitstop for sponsoring the YF bottles.


  • One water bottle per donation
  • If you set up a recurring donation you will only receive one water bottle.
  • Minimum donation of £15.00 needed to receive a water bottle.
  • Water bottle promotion available in the UK only.