In addition to our ongoing Orphan Sponsorship Appeal, Yahya Foundation are currently fundraising for three projects in Yemen:

Water Appeal,

Infant Milk Appeal


Orphanage Food Distribution

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water appeal

Over 50% of the people in Yemen do not have access to clean water. This shocking statistic is what has inspired us to start our Water Project. Since January 2018, Yahya Foundation has been working with Hanadi Noaman to supply clean, drinking water across 9 districts in Yemen. So far, we have been able to supply 13 tanks of water, twice a week, to these communities and are continuing to raise funds to supply more tanks bi-weekly.


Currently, we are offering water bottles for every £15 donation to our Water for Yemen campaign. £15 is enough to supply a 5,000 litre water tank and whether you can donate a one-off or recurring donation, your contribution will make a big difference to many people. To support our Water For Yemen campaign and get your water bottle click here


Infant milk appeal

Since September 2018, Yahya Foundation has been working with Hanadi Noaman to supply formula milk to  infants in Yemen. We are providing 1 months supply of formula to mothers in need and would like to continue this project for as long as possible. 



Yahya Foundation has teamed up with Safe Childhood Centre and Dar Al- Luwaa Female Orphanage Home again to provide food and drink to 44 orphans within their care. This facility provides shelter to both girls and boys under the age of 18 and used to be funded by the government. Now, however, they have very little resources and are seeking donations wherever possible.


Orphan Sponsorship Appeal

Since our launch, Yahya Foundation has been passionate about raising money to provide ongoing support to orphans in Yemen. So far we have 6 children in our care that we provide regular grants to. The monetary aid we provide enables these children’s carers to provide food, shelter clothing and general necessities to the children.