Since our founding in 2017,

Yahya Foundation’s mission has been to

Support Yemen’s children.

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Right now, Yemen is suffering the world’s worst humanitarian crisis and the current famine is set to be the worst in 100 years.

But at Yahya Foundation, we don’t want to focus on the sad statistics.  We want to focus on the good- that’s why we plan, fundraise and execute projects to provide assistance and make children smile.

Why Yahya?

Yahya Foundation was named after Hussein Yahya Ali who taught his family how to love, be generous and think about others before oneself.

Hussein Yahya Ali was an orphan from Yemen. He did not receive any formal education and at a young age travelled by ship to East Africa. After several difficult years, he found himself the successful owner of a garment Business in Uganda with his wife. Unfortunately, in 1972, they found themselves exiled from Uganda.

Starting over in a new land, the couple made their way to Canada and took jobs working long hours in factories. Eventually, Hussein bought a Laundromat business and Dry Cleaners and with his passion for business made it a success for him and his family.

Despite all of this, he never forgot his homeland of Yemen and would regularly visit with his wife to help those in need. It became a tradition for Hussein, his wife and children to visit Yemen every Ramadhan to give their zakat (charity) and sadaqa (charity) money by hand to those in need. He would visit orphanages to ensure every child had money for Eid, and drop in to hospitals to make sure patients had enough money to cover their medical bills.

It was through his generosity, compassion and the gentle kiss on the forehead to the young and old alike, that became his trademark and is what Yahya Foundation wants to pay forward to those in need to honour his legacy.

hussein yahya ali

Want to see what we are currently working on? Have a look at the projects we are currently raising money for.